best digital watchesNo doubt the best digital watches have worth adding value, grace, charm, and groom your look.

Besides stylish looks now they could do sports with you, run on the track, count your steps, browse the map, GPRS tracking, and the list won’t stop.

Digital watches transformed into smartwatches with evolution. That doesn’t mean traditional digital watches are dusted in history and they are just gone. Consider smartwatches being modern digital watches with luxury and style.

Today’s digital watch is not limited to giving you a stylish look or telling you the time. Now they have come up with some solid upgrades and are equipped with GPRS and could have OS to operate as most of you know how smartwatch works.

You would find an accurate multitude of timekeeping features. Most of the smart stuff like mobile phones replaced it at large. Cell phones seriously damaged the digital watch industry.

But, if you notice that flipping your wrist to know the time is easier than getting out your phone from your pocket. People love to look complete and attractive.

And a digital watch could get a stylish look laden with multi-functional features. Finding a good one is a bit hard due to overlapped brands and variants in the market.

Best Digital Watches For Men In 2022 List

1. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar – Best digital watches for outdoorsmen
2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – Stylish digital watch
3. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro – Best digital watch for running
4. SUUNTO 9 Non-Baro – Premium multisport GPS watch
5. Fenix 5 Sapphire – Sports digital watch
6. Tissot T-Race – Best budget digital watch
7. Garmin Instinct – Rugged GPS outdoor watch
8. Suunto Core – Outdoor sports watch
9. Casio G-Shock – Power trainer sports watch
10. Timex Men’s Expedition – Shock-resistant digital watch

What to look at a good digital watch?
Best digital camera

Digital Vs Analog Watch – Which Is Better?

What is the difference between both kinds of watches? Well, not making it complex, in simple words, the analog watch comes normally with a round dial and time-telling hands (hour-hand, minutes-hand, and seconds-hand) to tell you 12 hours around the clock. While the digital watch comes with an electronic led screen to tell the time in numbers.

Analog watch features time, date, stopwatch, and some of them also offer some extra features. Most people wear analog watches for bundles of personal reasons. One reason I could get is the personality and fashion besides the timepiece.

Keeping it more simple, the analog watch is not offering smart timers, calculators, and smart calendars. Irrespective of the elegant design and greater variety as compared to digital watches, they are special for events and ceremonies. Analog watches are expensive in monetary terms and highly durable.

How to choose a digital Watch?

It is a normal thing when you choose something for fashion and style. Your type and preference matter a lot in such situations. However, we are sharing some of the information to make the right decision.

Reading Watch

With the tech evolution, you can see the analog watch as a face on the digital or smartwatches. Frankly, no one likes to wear analog watches as reading time on watch-hands is difficult as compared to reading numbers on an LED watch screen.

Watch Settings

Instructions manual is always there with electronics products. The digital watch offers buttons on the edge of the bezels and settings are pretty easy.

If you see the advanced watches come with multifunction features and want some knowledge to set them up. Choose the style and category from thousands of variants as per your taste and budget.

1. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar – Premium Multisport GPS Watch

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar

Screen: 1.3in transflective MIP (260×260 pixels) | Case size: 47mm | Case thickness: 15.1mm | Band size: standard 22mm quick release | Weight: 62g body | Storage:32GB | Water resistance: 100 metres | Sensors: GPS/Glonass/Galileo, compass, accelerometer, thermometer, heart rate, pulse Ox | Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2, ANT+, wifi

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An adventure trip to the hilly track with Garmin Fenix 6, with solar recharge, is a fantastic experience. It brings a week-long battery backup. Garmin Fenix 6 auto-recharge by solar means a true transformation of the digital watch.

It would lead your way through the forests to your home town. Onboard GPS and multi-sport features let you train and explore the possibilities and strengths of your potentials. It comes with different variants, colors, and case sizes.

Garmin Fenix 6 pro is a uniquely designed digital watch that would never bother wearing. Smooth and light in on your wrist and never get stuck as it could be worn under your sleeves. Fantastic design to adjust to any wrist size.

The next level of mountain biking experience is with specialized grit and flow measures. Sophisticated engineering on making the DLC coated bezels around the watch face. The display size reaches 1.4 inches.

You would get pre-loaded TOPO maps, ski maps with worldwide 2,000 ski resorts. Navigate outdoor activities, monitor your surfing by connecting a camera, and analyze elevating activities. GLONASS and Galileo are there to support you in measuring the aforementioned tasks.

Garmin Fenix pro features to support contactless payments for some selected countries. For music get third-party services as Fenix pro brings the options. It also comes with the support of a barometer and altimeter.


Lifelong solar recharge battery
Waterproof and strong
Bundle of tracking options
Easy interface
Pre-loaded maps


Limited music
An expensive one
Complex contactless pay

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – Stylish digital watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 digital watch

Processor: Samsung Exynos 9110 dual-core at 1.15GHz | RAM: 1GB | Storage: 8GB | Wireless: Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS / Glonass / Beidou / Galileo, LTE (optional) | Color: “mystic bronze” (41mm), “mystic black” (45mm), “mystic silver” (41mm and 45mm)

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The most stylish digital watch by Samsung so far. As the moving bezels on the display feel incredibly great with different digital watch faces. It brings an easy user interface with an advanced health monitor and fitness tracker.

The long-lasting battery life could reach days on a single recharge. Don’t lose power as the wireless PowerShare option could get it a quick boost. Where military-grade durable material makes it the best digital watch for the military. Water-resistance features didn’t set aside.

Manage all your routines with advanced technology and personal customization. Keep on connected to favorite apps on your phone via Bluetooth. Watching faces with thousands of different options would never let anyone question your style.

To get to the next level of fitness you would have strong insights. Swim, bike, surf, or run, your watch is collecting the data to get insights. Galaxy watch 3 is considered to be the best digital watch for athletes.

Your command would lead to making it read text messages, initiate phone calls, or become a fitness instructor with Integrated Bixby voice functions. A multi-layer defense-grade platform would let you feel secure on your data.

No worries in case you left your wallet at home, Samsung pay is onboard with features to pay for anything you want. Samsung pay is not compatible with iOS. The unavailability of ECG is a downside but not a deal-breaker at all.


Easy interface
Sleek and slim design
ECG reading
Rotating bezel with a fantastic display
Tracker and Insights


Sensors data could be inaccurate
Expensive digital watch
Complex settings with non-Samsung phones

3. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro – Best digital watch for running

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro digital watch

Sensors: 3-axis compass, accelerometer, barometric altimeter, pulse oximeter | Body Material: fiber-reinforced polymer, stainless steel | Water Resistance: 328 ft | Wireless Interface: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ANT+

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Fenix 6 pro is the best digital watch for running with an expensive price tag. Money guys and international athletes could afford its cost. No doubt the watch comes with multi-sensors and an advanced system to facilitate you.

GPS trackers get you the most accurate results. Garmin Fenix 6 pro also features mapping to guide you on your track. It is the best digital watch for running with multi-sports specs to get you high performance.

Though being non-medical the watch has a pulse ox sensor to monitor your heart rate. For the improvement of your fitness, it brings sleep monitoring and altitude acclimation at high elevations. However, as I said, it’s non-medical, so, you cannot consider using it for diagnosis.

The pace is there to get you the most advanced training features on your wrist. Monitor every detail of your activity and get the estimated status during the workout.

Besides activities monitoring if you are running on an outdoor track, don’t get bothered about the weather conditions. The VO2 max would notify you of environmental conditions and keep you alert with the upcoming situations.

You would have pre-loaded TOPO maps and ski maps of over 2k resorts. Just navigate and it would lead your way to your destination. Like other advanced digital watches, it also supports multiple global satellite systems.


Multi-sports outdoor digital watch
Brings accurate results
User-friendly interface
A continuous stream of updates


Laggy body chassis
An expensive digital watch

4. SUUNTO 9 Non-Baro – GPS Sports Watch

SUUNTO 9 Non-Baro digital watch

Screen Size: 1.97 Inches | Human Interface Input: Buttons | Dimensions: 19.69 x 6.5 x 19.69 inches | Battery life: 120 hours

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Using something personally is a different experience while researching or reading someones else opinion. Suunto 9 is a wonderful and stylish digital watch that brings luxury and sports together. It is a 5th generation sports watch loaded with GPS and legit flagship features.

You would love the comfy wear and easy-to-use digital watch. It brings some solid upgrades compared to the spartan Suunto ambit3. Suunto 9 brings superclass battery backup synced with your GPS settings.

The intelligent battery modes let you save the battery for later use. However, the GPS interval settings could impact the power. It is made rugged and robust with sports endurance features to compete with the outdoor giants.

Like other digital watches for runners and multi-sports, Suunto would get you a sleep tracker, and activity tracker with 80 different sports modes. It won’t stop here as trail running, cycling, mountain biking, pool swim, and open water swimming could be tracked down to get fitness insights.

Moving forward with the features you would get optical heart rate, barometric, and GPS altitude. I love the glowing round watch face with customized options to get adventures at the max. Talking Suunto 9 design, it comes in stylish and day-to-day casual wearing looks.

Suunto 9 brings a rugged body built to survive in all conditions. The super charming round screen allows bringing multiple stats on the touchscreen dial.


Incredible battery
Durable body
Fantastic training features
Optical HR sensor


Complex apps interface
Not for thin wrist

5. Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire – Sports digital watch

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire red

Weight: 98 g | Display size: 1.2” (30.4 mm) diameter | Size: 51 x 51 x 17.5 mm | Body Material: Stainless steel | Protection: 10ATM waterproof | Battery time: 24 hours.

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Garmin released this one with multisport options. This is the ultimate multisport GPS watch in the line of men’s digital watches. It is fully digital with showing maps and fit for adventure. Garmin Fenix has an attractive round-shaped watch face with a colorful display.

The Silicone band is lighter than the metal band as the weight decreases to only 98 grams. Its design is fit for adventures with a stainless steel bezel. You would have an extra durable watch with the proactive PVD-coated stainless steel bezel.

It would allow you to dive in 100 meters deep water. The Navigation features have worth mentioning here. It is coming with a built-in GPS and GLONASS that enables you to track the challenging environments around. The 3-axis compass and gyroscope are also prominent in the features of this GPS digital watch.

You would also find a Barometer and Altimeter on it. You would be able to place a widget on the screen to set up a running profile on it for trail running, and treadmill running features. The overall performance is cool and spectacular on this watch.

You would be able to set it up for your fitness pieces of training and it would show you the status of your training activities on its face. Connect it with your smartphone for having notifications on the dial windows screen.

Incredible things are coming onboard on this watch. The Garmin connect would enable you to connect with the online Garmin community. The watch allows you for complete personalization by customizing the free face watches. The strap is also interchangeable on the watchbands. You can match your style with the watchbands by changing the look of your watch face.


Fully digital
Color display
Stainless steel bezel
GPS Tracker


In between digital & smartwatches

6. Tissot T-Race – Budget digital watch

Tissot T-Race Digital Watch

Dimensions: 1.78 x 0.48 x 1.98 inches | Display Type: Analog | Case material: Stainless Steel | Weight: 4.59 Ounces | Water resistant depth: 330 Feet.

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Tissot T-Race Black is one of the best affordable digital watches with a water resistance capacity of up to 100 meters in water. It has a chronographic dial with quartz movement. T-Race Black is suitable for swimming but not recommended for diving into the deep water.

Swiss watches are really popular and are a leading brand on the market. Most probably you would know the fact that Tissot is an innovator in tradition and founded the company in 1853. By the calculation of the company’s age, one can easily determine the brand quality.

It has a dimension of 1.8 x 0.5 x 2 inches with 1.8 pounds of shipping weight. The dial window material is anti-reflective sapphire. It has a rubber strap band for buckling up to your wrist. The magnified date on the three o clock position is looking very cool.

It is the most authentic timepiece in the world in timekeeping manners. The watch was selected for the timekeeping of many sports activities like cycling, ice hockey, motorcycling, and fencing. So you can imagine that it is recognized all over the world for Sports activities.

As a sports lover, I love to wear this on my wrist and it never leaves my wrist. It is the best sports watch with the ability to keep time accurately. The world of sports recognizes the authenticity of this best wristwatch. If you are a passionate athlete and planning to have a digital watch on your wrist.

Do not search any other or wander around in markets for some well-known brands. This one is the best choice among all digital watches for sports activities like running, cycling, and motorcycling, etc.


Stainless Steel Case
Attractive Round face


Not suitable for diving in deep water

7. Garmin Instinct – Rugged GPS outdoor watch

Garmin Instinct sports watch

Screen Size: 1.27 Inches | Human Interface Input: Buttons | Item Dimensions LxWxH: 1.8 x 0.6 x 1.8 inches | Connectivity Technology: GPS | Map Type: Worldwide.

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It normally happens when you search for something very hard and couldn’t find it. The search may not be for something that physically exists! I mean simply that could be the desired product with some unknown features you want to add to it.

The point is pretty clear if I say it was the best compliment I added to Garmin’s instinct digital watch for outdoors. A perfect device to get you all the features you want on a wristwatch.

Including an altimeter, you would get all the required trackers with GPS and sensors. A pre-loaded wrist gear that could beat the heat when fitness matters. Impressive in wearing with lightweight Garmin round traditional chassis.

You would love the colors it offers with huge variety. Garmin Instinct is uniquely engineered in U.S. military standards 810G for thermal. Rugged GPS is loaded on a shockproof and water resistance digital watch with a 100-meter water-depth rate.

The watch is loaded with responsive apps and keys to navigate thru the interface. Speed is not set aside in the upgrades. You would find fast pace menus and fast processing apps to get the desired information. Overall it has the accurate results of a GPS tracker.

I have suggestions to improve some of the features in the upcoming flagship. Instinct should increase the time of holding key to unlock the watch. This was what I felt to suggest, otherwise it is a perfect one on the list of digital watches in terms of all the components including price.


Comfortable wear
Lightweight chassis
Nice charming round dial
Responsive interface
Strong battery support


Complex ecosystem software
Awful mapping apps

8. Suunto Core – Outdoor sports watch

Suunto Core Military Digital Watch

Case Material: Composite | Band Material Type: Textile | Clasp Type: Tang Buckle | Water Resistance Depth: 30 Meters | Color: Black Red

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Suunto has a long history that started in 1936 with the birth of an engineer. He invented and introduced a mass production method for the liquid-filled compass. The first one on the list of best digital watches 2021 is from Suunto Core in a military-style digital watch.

You would be able to do any kind of work wearing this automatic digital watch on your wrist. It is coming with a built-in compass that would lead you through your way on the track. It can go through the fire and every hard situation you face with the help of an Altimeter.

Suunto Core Military would never feel you beaten because of its solid-made body and resistance to hardship. This watch is a favorite of mountaineers, skydivers, and adventurous travelers. Suunto Core Military watches are the most authentic and trendy watches out there on the market.

The watch is cool in the provision of specs loaded on it. It has an Altimeter to gauge your elevation and other activities on your wrist. These beautiful watches have a Barometer to measure air pressure, weather conditions, and accurate sunrise and downtime.

It has the intelligence to get information about the surrounding weather current changes. An Alarm is installed for alerts on any weather condition that could harm your outdoor activities. It can tell you the ascending or descending order during climbing a cliff to track your progress.

The barometer would allow you to know the current weather condition and the sudden weather changes. You would know air pressure trends on your wristwatch. The intelligent Storm detector would alarm any upcoming storm alerts on these trendy watches.


Capacity to tell air pressure trends
Weather tracker
Stylish Design


With max use, the band strip can break

9. Casio G-Shock – Power trainer sports watch

Casio G-Shock Sports Digital Watch

Display Type: Digital | Metal stamp: no-metal-stamp |Case diameter: 49.5 millimeters | Band Color: Green | Special features: Shock Resistant, Mineral Glass, 200-meter water resistance, Resin Band | Movement: Quartz | Water-resistant depth: 200 Meters

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Casio is a well-known brand among the masses for Casio men’s watches production and many other products. Casio G-Shock is a style digital watch for sports release in the military series. One of the stealthy and stylish digital watches released in the military series by Casio.

A really tough one on the list with water resistance and shock resistance capability. The most stylish look in the military case with X-large G. You would love to wear a digital watch for sports with numerous alarms and a pack of functions and features.

Really tough one on the list and is recommended for outdoor activities. These best digital watches under 100 are coming in a sleek design with a round face and black dial. It has a 1-mm thick back boost shock resistance durable body chassis.

The battery life of this watch reaches two years. It has a weight of 2.08 ounces and a great look. The case is 37mm in diameter with 17mm in thickness. I would say that G-Shock 100C is also an attractive one for the company due to its good-looking features.

Inside the dial, you would see the silver palms hour index for notifying the time. You would find well-defined minute markers around the dial. In addition to UTC, there are 29 time zones from 48 cities around the world on this best military watch.

Casio G-Shock is supporting analog and digital displays both on the same single screen. The watch has water resistance capacities up to 200 meters down in the water. LED is installed on it to light up the watch’s dial when it is dark around. It is coming with a battery that has a lifetime of two years.


Full Auto-Calendar
Numerous Alarms


LED could not reach the whole watch face

10. Timex Men’s Expedition – Shock-resistant digital watch

Timex Men's Expedition

Display Type: Digital | Case diameter: 45 millimeters | Case Thickness: 16.5 millimeters | Band Material: Plastic | Bandwidth: 22 millimeters | Calendar: Day-Date-Month | Special features: Alarm, Chronograph, Timer, Water Resistant, Shock resistant | Item weight: 1.92 Ounces | Movement: Quartz | Water resistant depth: 100 Meters

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You would be surprised to hear that this one is specifically designed for outdoor torture tests. The hard one with a strong resistance power to the shocks is on the list of best digital watches from Timex. An outstanding tough competitor out there to resist the hardest conditions and give accurate timekeeping performance.

Another shock-resistant best outdoors activity digital watch on the list. You would love to hear that this is specifically designed for agony. Yes, torture, now how brutally you can use it? Of course, it depends on your usability and the kind of agony test you want to test.

It would make you forget that it is a classy digital watch. Simply, it is unbeatable in any kind of hard job. An automatic watch to bear a lot of agonies while you are on an adventure and can not pay attention to your takeaway stuff.

It is specifically designed for outdoor torture during the missions of hard times. These analog-digital casual watches would never fail you in any tough conditions. Well, they do not need your care or handling. It is coming in the dimensions of 3.5 x 3 x 2.5 inches and weighs 5 ounces.

Timex Expedition has one  Lithium Metal battery which is coming with the package. This model of the digital watch was released in the year 2017. It has a digital display type with a round shape. The dial window material is mineral and it has a buckle type of clasp.

The case diameter is 45 mm and the case thickness is 16.5 mm in the Resin Material of make. The bezel of this digital casual watch is stationary and has no functions. Alarm, Chronograph, Timer, Water Resistant, and Shock resistance are the prominent and special features of these men’s digital watches.


Day, Date, and Month calendar
Quartz Movement
A real tough surface watch


No Cons observed


There are many varieties and brands of top-rated men’s watches. But the question is which would be better to pick for you. After the detailed reviews now it is easy to solve the riddle. When you plan to get a digital watch from the market you should keep some of the points in mind.

These points would help you to get the best pick among the varieties and brands. Everyone is in search of good quality low price and dashing look when want to purchase some item. The wearables have some extra attraction and effort to choose the best one among them.

So, keep in mind the kind and taste you have and what you want in the product you planned to get. When you know your taste it would lead you to the desired product. In digital watches, if you have a taste of sports, you should look for Barometer, Altimeter, timer, stopwatch, fitness tracker, GPS tracker, and weather alerts.

But if you are with the normal taste you should only see the digital and analog timekeeping features. The date, day, and month including the year calendar would be a value-added one. And today due to the varieties and many brands it is easy to find a pick of your taste and choice.

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