What Makes A Good Digital Watch: (A Complete Guide)

Digital watches exist in men’s life for a long time now. They make you feel complete, stylish, and graceful in all races. A good digital watch could fill the gap of feeling something is missing on the wrist. In early ages, it was a symbol to represent royal status and still, the tradition is on. Though everything is becoming digital and we adapt accordingly. Cell phones and smartphones largely damaged the digital industry of watches. Even smartwatches became giant competitors after they launched. They hugely replaced analog and digital both kinds of watches. Smartwatches are coming in an advanced android or iOS system that supports many apps like a smartphone.

It is men’s taste of selection, you have both the options. In digital, you can find wristwatches from extremely cheap price (depends on the quality) and expensive ones. The same is the case with well know wear OS smartwatches. People always love to wear digital watches to look stylish. Why? Now a good digital watch could offer everything including timekeeping. The expensive brands are also ruling on the digital market. As they are famous and the world’s famous personalities wear them.

You might hear Patek Phillippe’s digital watches are the most expensive one’s worth millions. Famous wearers; Ellen DeGeneres, John Mayer, Nicolas Sarkozy, Queen Victoria, Robert Downey Jnr. See the wearers are all from Royal families. Audemars Piguet is the oldest popular and expensive watchmaking brand. It worths hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the list goes on with names like Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Tag Heuer, and Jaeger-LeCoultre, etc.

Expensive watches are a separate story as they are the taste of kings. This guide would cover all the aspects, kinds, differences in best digital watches. Let’s get straight to explore all the required information. Keep reading!

What To Look At A Good Digital Watch?

It is important to know what should you look in a digital watch to own it. This guide would cover all the required essentials. One should know these features before making any purchase of a wristwatch.


Digital watches are coming with many features now. Now they don’t tell just the time, they are powered with lots of new features. Prioritize the features a good digital watch could offer. You better know what you need on your wrist. Digital watches are featuring internal memory, timer, stopwatch, weather conditions, GPS, multiple time zones, and the last but not the least a heart rate monitor, etc. It is the taste selection and worth to buy a digital watch that could be a good fit for your needs. Making a wise decision would bring a handy pick with prioritized features.


Digital watches are coming in stainless steel, steel, plastic chassis, and mixed rubber. A tough surface would make a durable life. Plastic and glass are used to construct a watch face or dial. Steel and mixed rubber are used in the body chassis. The straps are made of the same material of watch but not always. Keenly pick strap on a wristwatch. This part is important because without strong strap wearing would become impossible. A digital watch can offer any type of strap. It is the choice that would make the selection. We suggest choosing three types of straps, stitched cloth, leather, and steel made. Rubber straps always break and induce to put the watch in pocket.


No one else could know the better the size of your wrist. Of course, it is your call to select a good digital watch of your wrist size. Digital wristwatches are coming in different sizes and designs. Being a sportsman I always love to wear a digital watch for sports. They are featuring sports activities essentials with big faces. It depends on your taste and wrist size what you choose. Stylish business designs with classical looks and full digital watches are also there.

Strap Type

There are mainly two types of straps a good digital watch could offer. Only these two types of straps introduced across the digital watches so far. Beside hook and lock type of straps, some of them are coming with bangle/buckle types. I prefer wearing a hook type of strap. They are easy to hookup and open for removing from the wrist. What type of strap do you pick for your wrist? The choice is yours!


No one buys watches all the times, as single purchase lives a long life. Once we buy it we use it for years and never complain about damages. It is the durability that is making a long-lasting life of a good digital watch. A digital watch should be tested for water resistance, shock resistance, and weather compatibility. Sometimes we don’t care for our watches working in woods, mud, water, and stones. These are not favorable conditions if the watch is made of messy material. You should choose stainless steel and the best resin rubber to get a durable digital watch.

What are the types of digital watches?

No major types are introduced yet in digital watches so far. However, based on designs and features we can distribute them in types. A countless range of digital designs makes always confusions. The first category is the bulky design of digital watches. It is an attractive one with a large watch face and huge buttons around the dial.  They are coming with amazing features of GPS, stopwatch, timer, internal memory, and multiple time zones, etc.

The other type is loaded with digital and analog display. Stainless steel or leather straps are usually coming on this type of watch. They offer decency in design and could give a smart feel to your getup. Digital watches with analog display are popular among businessmen, professionals, and managers. The last type of good digital watch is the so-called small design. Small face watches normally designed in square or rectangle shapes. They are also featuring stopwatch and timer.

Is there any difference in a digital and analog watch?

Yes, there is a visible difference in digital display and analog display watches. Let us make a concept of an analog display watches. They consist of an hour hand, minutes hand, and seconds hand. All of them integrate to tell you the time. Most of the analog dials are offering a small calendar window.

The crown on the right side of the bezel enables it to adjust the time. Hour marks on the dial are showing hours supported by tiny minutes marks. You would find twelve different parts on the dial of an analog watch. They could be powered with a small battery called quartz operating mechanism. Also, the mechanical system of the small wheels is coming to work with movements of the wrist.

While digital display watches are offering LED and LCD screens showing figures to tell the time. Most of the experts are giving preference to digital display watches on analog. Digital display watches are more accurate in telling the time as compared to analog displays. But denying an analog watch would be a wrong stand. They are stylish in looks and grace in the scheme.

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