best portable monitor with hdmi connectivityFor a portable set up to have an extra display screen, you need a portable HDMI monitor. Why do you need to establish the game of the HDMI display?

If you are a professional with a multi-tasking schedule you need progressive tools to overcome the workload. Your laptop screen is not with enough space to let you open many tabs.

The switching tabs are annoying on laptops and working is not smooth, and you don’t have any idea what to do to meet the deadlines. The portable monitor would get rid of such situations to complete the tasks you are stuck in.

A portable monitor with HDMI input for your laptop would solve all the problems to set up a portable 1080p display screen. Now the question is how to find the best portable monitor with HDMI input on the market full of a variety of brands?

Sounds hard! No worries at all, team technpick is getting you out of this part by picking up the best portable monitors with HDMI input and USB support.

>We reviewed the top 10 portable monitors with HDMI input for easy selection. Let us jump to explore the specs and features the best portable HDMI monitor offers.

Best Portable HDMI Monitor In 2022 List

1. GeChic 250 1C – Portable HDMI Monitor For Laptop
2. Asus Zenscreen MB16AMT – HDMI Gaming Monitor
3. AOC E1659WUX – Progressive And Entertaining
4. ViewSonic TD2230 – Stylish And Soft Display Screen
5. ThinkVision M14 – Outstanding Performance
6. GAEMS M155 – Portable Monitor For Gaming
7. SmallHD Focus 5.5″ – Portability With Elegance
8. Asus MB169B+ – Work And Play On Additional Screen
9. Lepow Portable Monitor – Gaming Monitor With Competitive Work Progress
10. SmallHD Focus 7.7″ – Travel and Connect

The above share list of the best portable HDMI monitors with some basic information to give a glance and make a convenient pick. We always recommend reading the full review to know everything about a product.

Best Portable HDMI Monitor For Laptop In 2022: (Reviews)

1. GeChic 2501C Portable Monitor With HDMI Input

GeChic 2501C Portable Monitor With HDMI

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If you are in search of a complete solution to get rid of compatibility issues, GeChic 250 1C would be the most feasible one to pick. Have more plug-and-play features on this portable HDMI monitor.

Are you a business guy and unable to handle the ongoing multi-tasks? Well, I would suggest, calm down and don’t foresee a collapse of the business, why? GeChic 2501C is a complete solution where the choice would be yours when you choose.

Have more plug-and-play features on an HDMI monitor that has no compatibility issues. Let’s dive into the review to explore its specs and features. A brilliant addition to the list of portable HDMI monitor 2022 reviews due to the VGA port and other specs it is offering.

Viewing options on this device are 1366 x 768p resolution display on a 15.6″ screen. The TN panel technology on this monitor would enhance the enjoyment of zero lagging. The real video input capabilities are worth mentioning here with HDMI and VGA 16:9 aspect ratio and separate ports.

You would be excited to know that this HD-USB Powered portable monitor has built-in speakers for a thrilling sound experience and an audio jack for connecting headphones with it. It is coming in a 1.28cm thin chassis weighing 2.27lbs, in a black cover which has the features of using as a base stand. The display type is LCD.

The HDMI monitor of this model has a pack of features that makes it an outstanding performer. As it is uniquely designed for increasing the productivity of your work and giving you the relaxing of time management.

You would have an easy connection and more compatibility options on it. A razor-thin casing with a built-in stand and protective cover on this portable USB monitor would free up your mind from a tense situation.

The protective cover cum stand is detachable which allows you to put the monitor on the other stand. Now it’s up to you to either make your mini PC or use the screen for multitasking activities.

Though, it would not give the pleasure of a curved gaming monitor, but, if you want to have a flat experience on the go. Here you go with a GeChic 2501C HDMI monitor for a real experience when you are on a vacation or set it up in your bedroom for having gaming fun.

The HDMI options offer the feature of connectivity with your digital camera to see your captured scenes and images.

Bottom line

A productive experience on a portable monitor with HDMI and VGA connectivity options either you want to play a game on the go or you are managing a multitasking business. Go green with GeChic as the features are amazing and supportive of compatibility and connectivity including sound speakers and jack.


Responsive and quick
Business guys would love to handle their tasks
Additional adaptor options


Not recommended for travelers
Without touchscreen

2. Asus Zenscreen MB16AMT Portable HDMI Monitor

Asus ZenScreen hdmi monitor

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Stay connected with your business or work by having a portable experience. Asus ZenScreen MB16AMT is a gorgeous one on the list with HDMI connectivity options. The full HD display would attract your sight to get it in. The mind-blowing features of portable monitors are appealing for selection.

Including space-saving at your workplace and home, you would have much more with these devices. As most of the benefits, we are leveraging could be explored when you experience it.

We selected the best one among the portable screens to make it convenient for you. Asus portable monitor on the list would excite your working flow and save time for switching tabs.

We are on the second of the reviews list of the best portable HDMI monitor 2022. Asus is a well-known name in the world of computing technology brands for its quality production of tech devices. This portable HDMI monitor produced has competitive features to prove its worth.

A single USB port for video and power is a feature worth mentioning. It is a type-C USB-powered portable monitor with eye care features. The same port is also offering display features with fantastic results. If we speak about its compatibility with DP alternate mode it would not be wrong if I say, you would have no such issue.

Asus MB MB16AT portable monitor has the capacity of filtering blue light with the blue light filter. Here Asus tried to make it specifically for eye care with long working hours and video streaming. And it is working quite well when we tested it in our tech lab. So the claim for eye care on MB16AT HDMI powered monitor is not false.

Great specs onboard to give you the real fun and experience of a portable game. It is slim and stylish with dimensions of 19.1 x 12.01 x 2.99 inches. One of the thinnest on the list. Flicker-Free tech addition is amazing. That said, “you would prior your comfort” and this technology enhances the capacity of this screen.

It is lightweight by having a weighing capacity of up to 2 pounds making the business possible on the go. Convenient in travel with the incredible performance of visual resolution display including protecting your eyesight. The display resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels with a refresh rate of 60 hertz and a 15.6-inch LCD screen.

Bottom Line

So you are a travel geek and love to enjoy business on the go. Here you go with Asus MB16AT USB-powered portable monitor. A single USB for both video signals and power would make it convenient for travel.

As it is compatible with your Asus G572 Notebook 17.3-inch laptop, Asus UX501VW notebook, and MacBook 12-inch. So the comfort comes first when you travel. It would allow you to have the excitement of managing your business on the go.


Comfortable and lightweight
Ultra-blue light setup
Amazing virtual scale with quick fit features


Not compatible with Type-A and C adaptor
Visual quality is low

3. AOC E1659FWUX Portable LED Monitor

AOC E1659FWUX Portable LED Monitor

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AOC portable monitor is a nice addition to the list geared with some great and usable features. The convenience of switching from landscape to portrait mode of your pictures and visual vision would enhance your experience and give you the pleasure of real fun. The folding flex stand would make you able easy adjust the screen.

It is coming with a 15.6-inch screen size with a resolution capacity on board up to 1366 X 768p and an aspect ratio of 16:9. The spectacular specs of brightness with a count of 200 cd/m2 would allow you to see your stuff more clearly on this best cheap portable monitor for your computer and laptop.

It is offering a 500:1 contrast ratio with a quick response time counted up to 8ms. The TFT Active Matrix LCD is great to give a nice panel for the screen. You would have a 90-degree viewable angle horizontally and a 45-degree screen for a vertical view. It is a USB-powered portable monitor with 3.0 USB ports.

For connection of AOC 1659FWUX to make it compatible with your PC and Mac by installing DisplayLink software on it. By doing so you would be able to have a multi USB portable monitor in a traveling case. The compatibility is not limited to Mac OS or your computer Windows as it is also compatible for connection with Windows 10 on the DisplayLink drivers.

As it is USB-powered so you won’t need any power cable for lighting it up. The foldable flex stand would give you the independence of setting it up on how to want to make it in a low working space. You can set it up in a portrait position or landscape and would be able to see things with auto pivot mode.

Bottom Line

Another cool selection of portable HDMI monitor 2022 reviews for testing in our lab. I am happy to share the verdict that it has one of the slimmest experiences we had during tests.

The convenient and affordable one with a low price tag. A great companion on the go. Highly recommended for travelers and low working space area. I love the built-in DisplayLink technology on this portable PC monitor.


Attractive price tag
USB makes it faster for connection
Multi-connection features


Low-quality resolution
Visionary angles are limited

4. ViewSonic TD2230 Review

ViewSonic TD2230 Review

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Have a big-screen portable fun with ViewSonic’s TD2230, uniquely designed with a frameless panel. The protective capacity of the screen with the scratchless feature is great. A scratchless and frameless panel portable monitor on the list with a good pack of specs and features.

It is innovatively designed and you would find an aesthetic touch of craftsmanship by looking at it. The prices of these best portable monitors are also within an affordable limit. You would love to play games and stream videos on this screen because of its high-quality image.

It is coming in screen size with the measurement of 1920 x 1080p display in a 22-inch body case. Portable monitor 1080p pixel quality on a huge 22-inch screen would give you a quality image and video streaming display. The IPS technology is supporting and keeps maintaining the image quality on it.

Let us know about the type of ports coming onboard on this portable monitor. You would love to hear that it is coming with a VGA port and you can also say it is a monitor with an HDMI port as well. As you would have both the options to connect it to your computer and laptop.

You would love the quality of the image this monitor with HDMI port is delivering. The screen size and the frameless panel are great innovations in making it super cool. The screen is compatible with your computer due to the VGA connectivity options and also with your laptops.

You can make it a gaming monitor easily by connecting it with the CPU of your PC and also using it for multitasking to manage your business or working patterns. By connecting it you are having a 1080p computer monitor now to utilize it for anything you want, even watching movies and videos as well.

Bottom Line

The Screen size is great including the video quality you would have by having this portable HDMI monitor at your home or workplace. You can make it any platform you want from gaming monitor to cinematic experience you would love to work on it. It is recommended for both home use and the workplace.


The screen size is big
Great visual quality
Multiple connectivities
Ultra-wide viewing angles


High price
touch is not reliable

5. Lenovo ThinkVision M14 HDMI Portable Monitor

Lenovo ThinkVision M14 HDMI Portable Monitor

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The thin bezel ThinkVision has a flat back and a raven-black casing covering its body. It is a stylish and cheap one among the other portable HDMI monitor reviews list.

It is offering a nice smooth-looking design with a bulky cover around its body. The VESA mount on this portable monitor is an extremely amazing feature. Let us jump into the detailed review to explore it.

It has a 3mm protective cover and an anti-glare matt surface. The protective cover is making its weight 2.25-pound with the specs of 14″ screen size. It has dimension of 15.7 x 10.8 x 2.4 inches and 1920x1080p resolution display. Such resolutions are also offered by mainstream NoteBook laptops.

It offers a USB 2.0 port for power delivery and display options. the DisplayLink technology makes the quality superb on the video watch and image quality delivery on the visual screen. You can connect it with USB 3.0 and 2.0.

ThinkVision M14 cannot be mounted on a wall due to the VESA mount on it, you would need to place it on a plain surface. It was quite wide and exciting viewing angles due to the matt coating. No matter you tilt it up to 45 degrees but you would be able to see the screen. The color features are rich with 200cd/m2 and 262k colors combination.

The USB 2.0 port is supporting it for both purposes. It is providing the power delivery and also the video signals through the same USB port. However, the USB port is supported by DisplayLink technology to provide a super quality visionary experience with a balanced power supply.

Bottom Line

A standard carrying case comes with this portable monitor making it ready for travel or making it a portable gaming monitor for a laptop to play normal games on it.

I am happy to have this one on the list with a sleek design and a bulky body. It is not so heavy that you cannot carry it, you can easily take it with your where ever you go. It is recommended for the business/workplace, home, and travel.


No need for an adaptor or power cable
USB Powered portable monitor
Pretty nice image quality
Smooth video playback


Bulky body cover

6. GAEMS M155 Monitor With HDMI

GAEMS M155 Monitor portable HDMI

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M155 is an incredibly great portable gaming monitor by GAEMS in a 15-inch display screen. Yea, enjoy a lag-free gaming flow with a smooth and rich visionary experience. A uniquely designed gaming monitor is especially focused on gaming purposes. Many other consoles can give you gaming excitement.

But, this one on the list of best portable HDMI monitor reviews is specially made for gaming experience and other multitasking activities. Let’s dive into the review to explore it to know the detailed information of specs and features.

It is coming in a 15-inch display screen with a 720p resolution screen. It is ultra-light if we talk about its weight and have a compact LED design. You would have a better HD gaming experience on this portable gaming monitor.

One of the best HDMI portable devices that offers connectivity with any gaming console with HDMI and also your PC and laptop. The multi-positioning stand is coming with a screen for providing the standing facility to free up you from the headache of how to place it on a surface.

The lag-free gaming experience with a refresh rate of 60Hz is quite superb. You can enjoy the game sound by connecting compatible gaming headphones.

The plug-and-play features of this screen are amazing with a single USB port for power and video signal delivery. A protective shield with flexibility features is making it secure during travel or moving. The power-saving option for reducing your power budget and giving you maximum performance delivery.

Now it is up to you if you want another screen with your laptop or PC M155 that would complete the gap with low space occupation. The frequent traveler would love to keep this portable HDMI monitor with them for easy use on the move.

Bottom Line

It is the best portable monitor for gaming especially for frequent travelers with gaming passions. You would have an incredibly smooth gaming experience. It is highly recommended for gaming purposes.

However, you cannot limit it to gaming activities only because it can do multitasking jobs. It is a reliable and great performer which would not leave you beaten at all levels.


USB powered portable monitor
Lag-free gaming experience


No speakers onboard

7. SmallHD Focus 5″ Monitor

SmallHD Focus 5 Monitor

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On-camera IPS LCD small USB monitor on the list is offering amazing features. I will share the information about this new specially designed device for a professional digital camera experience on a portable screen. It has quite a good pixel density to visualize the capturing views and scenes.

You would be amazed to hear that Focus 5″ is coming with an IPS LCD having 1250 X 720 resolutions and 294ppi (pixels per inch) pixel density. The tilted arm for holding Focus 15″ to give you the convenience of a stand is incredibly fantastic.

The HDMI port insertion for DSLR and mirrorless camera connectivity options are cool and easy to use. You would find a stereo headphone jack to connect audio devices to have sound listening experiences.

Professional photography geeks would love to experience shooting on this portable HDMI monitor. No worries for positioning now, it is allowing you to set up for any pose for taking a nice and attractive portrait or landscape with your camera.

It has its microphones as an accessory in the package. The incredible features of the waveform, pixel zooming, and 3D LUTs have worth mentioning here for enhancing professional access. You would have focus assist and false-color features to have a real visionary display experience.

Bottom Line

This portable HDMI screen is purely designed for the professional photography experience. So only photography guys would pick this for having any capturing position to add value to the photoshoot. It has nice visibility features in daylight, which allows you to have a photoshoot in the outdoor environment.


Easy to carry
Ready to travel
Nice visual experience


Very small in size

8. Asus MB 169B+ Portable Monitor

Asus MB 169B+ Portable Monitor

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The variety of ranges and different brands on the market get them confused about choosing a portable monitor for laptops sometimes. It is due to the saturated market brands and the different sizes which are making it hard to choose the right one for you. Asus put some hard work to craft this one on the list of portable HDMI monitor reviews.

A remarkable portable monitor for laptops by the company in 15.6-inch screen size. The thickness has a fantastic number of 0.3-inch, sounds cool? Yea, it is lightweight in comparison to the body size. It is coming with a 1920 x 1080p screen display.

The onboard USB 3.0 port is a multi-functional one with both capabilities of power delivery and visual signals. The aspect ratio for the visual display is quite a good one with measures of 1.78:1. It has dimensions of 17.2 x 2.3 x 11.7 inches and weighs 1.76lbs.

You would love to hear that this portable screen for your laptop is offering a full HD visionary display. A single USB cable gives you the display and power features. The Asus Smart case is offering the feature of an auto-rotating adjustable stand.

A metallic color finishing of the body is making it quite charming and attractive. The blue light filter is also worthy to mention here for the removal of eyestrain rays by filtering blue light rays and protecting your eyes.

Bottom Line

A portable monitor for laptops with a bunch of specs and features that would fill ease in your day-to-day business activities or any other tasks you do on the computer. You can make it a portable gaming monitor if you are feeling bored at your home with nothing to do. It would give the company and entertainment you want from it.

Even video streaming or watching movies, or documentation, internet browsing with multiple tabs all are with an easy go. This portable screen is compatible with macOS laptops 10, 8, and 3, not MacBook, with your Windows 7 PC. Asus is offering three years replacement policy with this portable monitor screen.


Slim and easy to carry
Fast Connection feature
Autorotation screen stand


Low image quality
No compatibility with Intel video card

9. Lepow Portable Monitor With HDMI

Lepow Portable Monitor Full HD 1080P

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Style matters a lot in today’s modern approaches when the tech products and gadgets reached the peak of the top. But along with the style, you would want a working quality when you plan to get something.

Yea, it is a matter of fact that good quality would give you the quality of performance and work. 15.6 Lepow is a growing brand in computing technology. This portable HDMI monitor made by Lepow has a package of specs and features, let us know it in detail.

This is a beautifully structured 14-inch screen with a 1920 x 1080 pixels display with a quick response time. It has an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 and simple and easy usage. The display type of the screen is LED and gives an FHD quality to the display.

It has a USB 3.0 port for the solution of power and for visual signals you need HDMI. So you won’t have a single port for both the options visual signals and power delivery.

A fastest connecting single cable USB 3.0 portable monitor with smooth use and quick response time. This is LED-Lit with super-easy setup options. Design with a sleek and stylish look and ultra-portable features.

Bottom Line

I like the stylish design of this portable monitor. As the workflow on this screen is quite good and smooth. You would love the plug-and-play and the ultra-portable features.

If you are a guy with business and multitasking work and could not manage to switch the tabs you so should go for this as it would solve your problem of setting up a portable game and save space for you on your working table.


Compact design
USB type-c and HDMI input
Great compatibility with notebook and Mac


No signal port connectivity

10. SmallHD Focus 7 Monitor

SmallHD Focus 7 Monitor

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A unique design for experiencing a portable game. You would love to hear about the built-in PageBuilder OS a powerful and easy-to-use operating system. This monitor is coming precalibrated and lot more features you would love to experience.

It is coming in OLED 702 screen with an HDMI port for connectivity. You would be able to use a 3D LUT engine with ColorFlow features with SD Card. Also, find LightSpace CMS and light illusion for advanced settings of color management.

It is coming with the dimensions of 9.6 x 7.3 x 1.9 inches screen and 2.35-pound of weight. You would be able to see detailed data on HD Waveforms and Scopes installed on it and would have full customization options.

The SmallHD Focus has great features to support you in full HD display and gives you the liberty of full customization on HD WaveForms and scopes onboard.

It has a software PageBuilder OS that does not need any hardware support and gives you previews before printing out. A cross conversion feature via PageBuilder OS through HDMI/SDI, where you can share your imaginary stuff on your laptop or pc when connected.

Bottom Line

A cute and small HDMI monitor to support you in multitasking and photography. You would love to have this fellow as your travel companion and workload sharer.

The page builder software is fantastically incredible in giving you more options on video streaming and conversion through the HDMI port.

I would strongly recommend this portable HDMI monitor for professional photographers and travelers. FullHD Focus is a great portable monitor for your laptops and cameras to have real fun.


Page Building OS
Easy install calibration
Full option for scopes customization


No cons were observed during tests

Best Portable HDMI Monitor Buyer’s Guide

If you are planning to get an HDMI monitor as a separate screen for your PC or laptop or any gaming console. We are covering your back with the detailed reviews and this buyer’s guide. I tried to pick the best collection on the list for knowing the real experience.

And the best pick to fit your requirements. So, you would be able to find any kind of laptop that could help you out in sorting your problems with the hectic working condition. You would find the Asus MB16AT, MB169B+, FullHD Focus, Lenovo ThinckVision, and other well-known brands on the list.

Points To Consider

One of the topmost prior interests that purely depends on you that is, what exactly need? Yes when you know what is the exact need you want to fulfill, then it would be easy to make a choice.

Now the different kinds and types of portable monitors allow you to pick one which fits the requirements you have. You should keep in mind during planning for getting a monitor these points which can enhance your power of making the decision.

Focus on the high-resolution display, as the low resolution would give you a low visual experience that sounds bad when you purchase a device and it is not up to the standards you were looking for. I would suggest you go with a portable monitor that has HD Display resolutions.

The contrast ratio should not be forgotten or leveraged during the search for a screen. As it would give you a rich color count on the screen, also don’t forget about the blue-light filter to keep your eyesight safe and sound. Most of the USB-powered portable monitors on the above list are offering these features.

Choose a lightweight monitor with headphones connectivity options. As the portable monitors are coming with low-quality sound speakers, so you should keep in mind that for the real audio experience an audio jack offers the options of headset connectivity.

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