best ultra-wide curved monitorSpread your worksheets on an ultrawide curved monitor to be a result oriented professional.

A huge display with smooth performance and progressive work would boost your business.

The ultrawide curved monitors are coming in different sizes, variants, models, and brands.

We’ve picked the right ones for your business. Fast-moving industries need proactive work to meet the targets and hard plans.

To overcome the workload, monitors with ultra-wide screens are always required. We covered almost all the required information you need to know.

Do Ultrawide Curved Monitors Make A Difference?

Yes, it does! Open more tabs to do deep work with more working space on the screen. Or playing a high graphics game on a super ultrawide monitor would step your gaming experience to a whole new level.

One thing more I noticed in aviation industries where international flight schedule needs to manage with fast-moving tracks. Ultra-wide curved monitors proved its worth to keep things in the mainstream.

We did not limit our pick to one category of widescreen curved monitors. Gamers could have their choice for gaming monitors in the ultrawide display. Including gaming, we also covered the monitors for home entertainment, business, and editing, etc.

Before getting hands on the reviews it is obvious to mention the team support. Their hard work made possible the completion of this guide. Without wasting more time let us get into the reviews to explore the ultra display screen for your computer.

Best Ultrawide Curved Monitor 2022 List

1. Samsung CHG90 – Best ultrawide Curved QLED Gaming Monitor
2. ViewSonic VP3881 Pro – Curved Professional Monitor With WQHD
3. LG 38UC99 – Cutting Edge Display Technology In Slim Design
4. Vioteck SUW49C HDR – HDR Display Monitor
5. Dell Alienware 1900R – Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor
6. Samsung C43J89 – Progressive And Stylish Curved Monitor
7. Acer Predator Z35P – Ultrawide Curved Display With NVIDIA G-SYNC
8. Dell U-Series – Ultrasharp LED-Lit Curved Monitor
9. BenQ EX3501R – Best Ultrawide HDR Gaming Screen
10. LG 34GK950G-B – QHD Curved IPS Display

Best Ultrawide Curved Monitor In 2022

1. Samsung QLED Gaming Monitor – Super Ultrawide Gaming Screen

Samsung QLED Super Ultrawide

Screen Size: 49 inches | Resolution: 3840 X 1080 pixels HDR | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Dimensions: 47.36 x 15.02 x 20.68 in | Weight: 33.1 pounds | HDMI : 2 EA (2.0) | Power supply type: AC 100~240V

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Samsung CHG90 Series ultrawide curved gaming monitor with super ultrawide 49 inches of immersive screen. The high dynamic range technology delivers a pure and smooth image. On the market, you could see some great ultrawide gaming monitors with a flat screen.

But the ultrawide curved gaming monitors are always on the top due to their massive resolutions. The innovative aspect ratio and fast refresh rate on the Samsung curved monitor would not let your visual experience down at any level. You would get an HDR technology (high dynamic range) to save power on standby with a quality display.

It offers the features of an innovative aspect ratio of 32:9 to see your game scenes in their entirety always. The features are not limited to aspect ratio.

As the 49 inches, the super ultrawide curved monitor would deliver the cinematic display on gameplay. Not only on gameplay, on videos and movies you will get complete excitement and fun.

If you compare the rating of Samsung 43″ curved monitor with this one. The results show that many people like this one due to its immersive super-wide curved screen.

Samsung curved gaming monitor would give the experience of a billion shades of colors. The QLED screen would not let you down at any point with the quality of the image. Finding any dead pixels on the screen is impossible.

The quantum dot is introduced on this monitor that simply means you would get lifelike streaming on the screen.

The HRD technology has its value which makes this ultrawide curved monitor capable of showing visible changes in the gameplay. For example, you are playing “God of War” and you are not satisfied with the brightness at all.

The HDR technology would enable you to change the settings and would deliver a glowing real image with sharpness and brightness.

A billion shades of accurate colors would excite your vision with the true colors reproduction. The aspect ratio and fastest refresh rate would always keep you on the top of the game with consistent video streaming.

Now say goodbye forever to distortions on heavy games. With HDR technology, it could deliver a smooth and consistent image on the screen all the time. Fast, precise, and accurate results.

The Samsung curved gaming monitor is specifically engineered for speed. Samsung CHG90 ultrawide curved gaming monitor supports AMD’s new Radeon FreeSync 2 technology. This technology helps in the provision of smooth and real-life-like gaming playback.

If a gamer is playing for so long and not to leave gaming. Ask him why so, he will reply, he is stuck here by the quality display. The clear image would make the gamer able to hit every single and hidden point on the screen. Due to the incredible image delivery now there is no place for your enemies to hide.

Final Verdict

Like the other monitors on the list, Samsung’s curved gaming monitor in the CHG90 series is the perfect match with gaming pc. The monitor would deliver a smooth image with billions of color reproduction supported with the fastest refresh rate.

Every gamer would have optimized settings for any game genre. That simply means the gamer would adjust the setup according to preferences. Straight away recommended for gaming enthusiasts for incredible performance.


Elegant curved ultrawide screen
Fast performer with a fast aspect ratio
Crystle clear display without dead pixels
Smooth operations on heavy gameplay


Ultra wide curved gaming monitor for the money

2. ViewSonic VP3881 Review

ViewSonic VP3881 ultrawide curved monitor Review

Screen Size: 38-Inch | Resolution: 3840 x 1600 pixels | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Dimensions: 4.06 x 35.28 x 15.67 inches | Weight: 28 pounds | Color Space: sRGB

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With an immersive curved screen, your eyes would get a hangover on the visual content. Loaded with connectivity a stunning resolution screen the ViewSonic VP3881 monitor elevates your viewing experience from flat to panoramic.

Extremely outstanding experience with ultra-thin bezels a concave screen would give an advanced level of viewing. An immersive ultrawide curved screen that could deliver vivid colors and rich displays you ever imagine.

Incredibly detailed visual content streaming on the screen would catch eyes for a while in the first look. If you look for a 4k ultrawide monitor you would find this one the best match.

It offers the exciting features of decoding HDR10 video streaming signals. This Ultrawide curved monitor would give you a superb video playback experience. The combination of bright colors and rich contrast with vivid and sharp detail delivers a massive picture quality. The fantastic calibration of the color spaces sRGB, EBU, SMPTE-C, Rec. 709, and DICOM-SIM.

One of the best ultrawide monitors that could deliver crystal clear display with amazing image reproduction. The experience is so high with the feelings of the intended videos. You would stick to the screen and won’t be able to see around.

If you feel any deficiency in the visual capacity it must be the source of the video that is not from HDR10. It is loaded with connectivity to make it compatible with most devices.

Let’s talk about its performance and accuracy in the delivery of work. If you are a photographer and in snaping sRGB or a studio editor and want to edit a video. ViewSonic VP3881 Pro ultrawide curved monitor would deliver accurate detail to get the work done in a real visionary view.

The image reproduction is supported by 14-bit and 3D. It can generate a smooth palette of 4.39 trillion colors. This would give you an accurate detailed image reproduction even with some confusing pro apps. The versatile color adjustability makes it a perfect choice.

Final Verdict

A top-rated curved monitor that would not let you down in your work. It would give the real visual display with precision and accuracy to the original file. I would suggest it to professional photographers or studio editors with heavy workflow. This would give you an immersive wide range of screens with perfect results.


Soft and smooth curved screen
Outstanding performance
Detailed image display
Fast reproduction of colors with FreeSync


No observations

3. LG 38UC99-W Review

LG 38UC99-W ultrawide curved monitor Review

Screen Size: 38″ | Resolution: 3840 x 1600 pixels WQHD+ | Aspect Ratio: 21:9 | Dimensions: 32.7 x 17.7 x 15.7 in | Weight: 20.5 | Panel Type: IPS – LED | Color Space: sRGB

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LG ultrawide monitor with QHD+ IPS panel and 21:9 aspect ratio on 38 inches of screen. The Bluetooth speakers with strong incredible bass are so great sound quality and hearing experience around your room.

A FreeSync experience on LG ultrawide curved monitor with QHD+ screen resolution. For gaming purposes, if you need a curved gaming monitor this would beat the heat. It would give you a complete gaming experience with the support of delivering accurate colors.

The monitor can eliminate the difference between the graphics card’s frame rate and a monitor’s refresh rate and deliver you the real display. LG ultrawide curved monitor offers a pack of features with some outstanding results.

The monitor is specially designed for professionals in the field of photography, studio business, producers, editors, designers, and other creative guys. The category of skills targeted by the company is making it pretty clear their effort of this craft.

It has a 21:9 aspect ratio on a QHD+ IPS panel screen with an ultrawide curved display size of 38 inches. The accurate and detailed delivery of the content on the screen is a great experience of working on it. Gaming junkies could also have fun with the LG curved monitor.

It is the best ultrawide gaming monitor with a 1ms motion blur reduction capacity. The sRGB spectrum color space is supporting it in the reproduction of a standard image with minute detail. For anyone of you looking for highly accurate colors reproduction, an LG monitor would not let you down.

Professional photographers and graphic designers would find it useful and progressive at their workplace. You will find an on-screen control ultrawide curved monitor by having this LG monitor. It would give you the liberty to control everything on the screen.

The screen split features are great to see. You can split your screen according to your arrangements for work. And the designing becomes easy with such performing features. The high accuracy rate would give you a bright and light screen display.

You would not miss any minor detail on the screen due to its rich and accurate delivery of the image. The Bluetooth speakers with strong bass give you the hearing facility. I am personally impressed with the rich bass while listening to music tracks.

Gaming junkies would have a 1ms motion blur effect to clear the visual streaming on gameplay. The FreeSync would support your high-definition ultra-heavy games. You would not feel any interruption and distortion in the gameplay. The strong game-supported features would not let you disappoint at any level.

Final Verdict

If you are planning to get an ultrawide curved monitor for your computer and want a super multi-purpose one. This LG ultrawide monitor is the one that could be the best fit for your needs. Professional photographers, graphic designers, crazy gamers, and creative professionals would love this FreeSync ultra-wide screen. I would suggest you invest one time in a durable and quality product.


Curved for comfort
Nice colors delivery
Rich and clear display
Consistent streaming of data


Some times bit delay in refresh rate

4. VIOTEK SUW49C Super Ultrawide Curved Monitor Review

VIOTEK SUW49C Super Ultrawide Curved Monitor

Screen Size: 49 inches | Resolution: 3840 x 1080 pixels 144Hz HDR 4ms GamePlus | Aspect Ratio: 32:9 | Display Type: LED | Dimensions: 52.5 x 21 x 9 inches | Weight: 34.4 pounds | Connectivity: devices with DisplayPort, 3.5 mm audio, or HDMI 2.0 or 1.4 ports can be connected | Color Space: High sRGB Coverage | Ports: 1x DP 1.2 (cable included), 1x DVI, 1x HDMI 2.0, 2x HDMI 1.4, 1x 3.5mm audio output | Speakers: 3W | Backlight: E-LED | Additional Features: GamePlus, Overdrive, AMD FreeSync, PIP/PBP, Low Blue Light mode, RGB LED Backlight, Remote, Cable Management

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A massive screen with 49 inches of display size. The super ultra-wide curved monitor would make you feel like you are watching the soccer match in the stadium. A true vision real-life picture quality with rich and regenerating color capacity.

To have a perfect fit at the corner of your desk this ultrawide curved monitor would give a great look. This is a solid option with a high refresh rate. With VA panel you would get some great color reproduction. You would assume give up on the IPS panel screen with the quality of the display you get.

The gamer junkies could have fun on this ultrawide curved gaming monitor. On the first look, your eyes would dive deep in colors on a super ultrawide curved monitor. Progressive and at the low-end price tag you could have additional features, AMD FreeSync support to remove the blurred image.

Neatly delivers the visual content with the aspect ratio of 32:9 with the 3840 x 1080 pixels 144Hz HDR 4ms GamePlus. It is one of the first super ultrawide monitors that could support the HDR (High Dynamic Range). The monitor is not only in big size but also better than anyone on the market with this screen size specifications.

You would get realistic colors with the support of the bright HDR. The HER element with popup screen features is making it possible to get a realistic image. The 3000:1 contrast ratio is making it able to reproduce and deliver 16.7 million colors on the 144Hz monitor.

The color accuracy is perfect and the professional creative guys would love to create a progressive project with the super ultrawide curved screen. Watching movies, live games, and sports, gameplay on the screen all the aspects are better than ever.

The dual screens on a single display monitor would take your progressive experience to an advanced level. You would be able to connect two devices at a time and could experience the difference on a single screen. The split-screen viewing could be experienced by connecting any device with HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4, or DisplayPort outputs.

With the dual input, you would have the liberty to use your super ultrawide monitor for different projects at the same time. The PIP/PBP functions would support you in making it a split-screen for multi-projects. Project and business managers with multi-project vision could be benefited more from this best budget ultrawide curved monitor.

Final Verdict

I would suggest this monitor as an all-rounder because of its multi-function features and quality performance as compared to the other ultrawide monitors on the market. The professional designers, home entertainment lovers, pro photographers, business and project managers, and of course the gaming junkies all could have rich experience with Viotek super ultrawide curved monitor.


No dead pixels observed
Incredible picture delivery
Crystle clear display
High sRGB coverage support


No color tester to confirm sRGB coverage
Due to VA panel low vibrant image
Large bezels

5. Dell Alienware Curved Monitor

Dell Alienware 1900R ultrawide curved monitor Review

Screen Size: 34 inches | Resolution: 3440 x 1440 pixels WQHD with 3.68 million pixels—1.77 times more detail | Aspect Ratio: 21:9 | Dimensions: 32 x 12.6 x 22.1 inches | Weight: 26.1 pounds | Color Space: sRGB

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Dell Alienware curved gaming monitor with NVIDIA G-Sync and WQHD 3440 x 1440 pixels resolution on a 34.1 inches ultrawide display screen. A massive combination of specific hardware to deliver incredibly awesome image quality.
Overall the best gaming pc ultrawide curved monitor with precise and accurate results on the gameplay.

Your heavy games supported by your gaming PC rig would be easy to play now with this massive glow of rich display monitor. Most people like this one due to its highly efficient performance and standard real picture delivery. The gaming junkies would love to play their ultra-heavy graphics games on this one.

It is equipped with ultrawide G-Sync 120Hz  with the support of a 21:9 aspect ratio and a high reproduction of true and real colors. The pixel rate of 3440x1440p on an IPS panel with an ultrawide curved screen would glow your eyes with awesome results.

The visionary effects are so real that they would allow you to see any of your content on a smooth screen. The price tag is competitive if you see it in comparison with Asus and Acer’s offering for providing such quality of the product.

It is designed to beat the competitive prices in the market and also the experience of rich and sharp image display. There are multi quick access ports to make it a plug-and-play device. It is offering HDMI and USB connectivity features to connect it with any of your gaming pc.

NVIDIA G-Sync technology displays a full frame of the images when the monitor is ready to display them. The frames load pretty quickly that you would not face any distortion on the display. Unlike some other ultrawide curved g-sync monitors Dell Alienware would not tear your eyes or create artifacts during long seating in front of it.

You would simply get the smooth and vibrant quality of visual content on the display. The fast refresh rate on the pixels would not let you worry about the lag. It is sharp and fast in response to 100Hz native settings. But if you go to increase it to 120Hz, it would not even let you beat heavy graphics games.

The smooth gameplay without any interruption and distortion in the streaming would give you a next-level experience. With this curved G-Sync monitor you would love to play all day. It is incredible to add the customizable RGB lighting system design is allowing you to adjust to any lighting level.

You can catch the in-action gaming scenes during your gameplay with these abilities. It is impressive to express your style with the personalization of colors on your mouse and gaming keyboard.

Final Verdict

Dell ultrasharp ultrawide curved gaming monitor would delight you with its quality of image delivery and the distribution of the rich pixel during the reproduction of real colors. One of the best gaming ultrawide curved monitors that would not let you down during gameplay in catching the in-action scenes. The professional gamers and the millennial kids with gaming passions would enjoy the gaming fun on this G-sync curved monitor by Dell.


120Hz utrasharp display
G-Sync technology
WQHD crystle clear display
Not limited to gaming only


Expensive price tag

6. Samsung CJ89 Series Curved Monitor Review

Samsung CJ89 Series Curved Monitor Review

Screen Size: 43 inches | Resolution: 3840 x 1200 pixels | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Dimensions: 41.83 x 10.78 x 12.46 inches | Weight: 35.49 lbs | Color Space: sRGB

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Samsung curved monitor in the CJ89 series with 49 inches of super ultrawide diagonal screen with no bezel bling spot. Multi inputs comfort curved screen is the best one for workplaces where you always re-adjust your seating arrangements.

Like the other ones on the list of best ultrawide curved monitor reviews, this one is not behind in any race. With immersive multitasking and super ultrawide curved comfort of view experience, you would love to work on it for long hours. Yes, a very working friendly for people like in the field of project management or development.

It could split the multi-projects on 43 inches of the widescreen curved monitor. Let us talk about the features it is offering. Samsung curved monitor with a giant mega screen would glad you with the brightness of the rich colors display thoroughly without any distortion.

If you are doing some tough graphics designing, editing a video in an editing application or you do a lot of stuff with photoshop. Samsung CJ89 Series would not let you down with its quality and promise. Imagine a giant mega large screen with any viewing angle and tilt adjustability according to your seating, CJ89 would fill the gap and fit exactly according to your needs.

No doubt Samsung hit the nail on the top of the head with this release. Creating flexible screen layouts with smooth operations and bright colors would make it beautiful. In performance, it is beating the benchmark tests to check the visual streaming of the content delivery.

With the bright picture quality on the super ultrawide Samsung curved monitor, you would not face any distortion at all. From Photoshop to editing videos on Premiere Pro or designing graphics on heavy software. Split your screens your way of working, connect with a laptop and collaborate to give you a more progressive vision.

If your Samsung curved monitor is connected to two devices, you would have a KVM switch to control both of them. Suppose you connected two keyboards the integration would make both able to work.

The performance would lead to your progress in work. It is curved for comfort and the tilt adjustment allows you to adjust it your way. The multi-input ports are making it a multi-compatible ultra-wide curved monitor.

Final Verdict

Including all other abilities to perform multitasking Samsung CJ89 curved monitor would not let you down in any sort of work you do on it. This monitor is designed in a way where you can feel the comfort of the curve when you sit for long hours in front of the screen. The progressive and creative guys who have the passion to develop with multiplier effect should consider having this one.


A giant mega screen
Immersive multitasking
Curved for the comfort of your vision
Tilt adjustable for any seating arrangements


No observations

7. Acer Predator X35 Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor

Acer Predator Z35P Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor

Screen Size: 35 inches 1800R | Resolution: 3440 x 1440 pixels QHD | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Dimensions: 39.85 x 14.25 x 26.81 inches | Weight: 27.55 lbs | Pixel Pitch: 0.34mm, 178 degree viewing angles | Panel Type: VA

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Acer Predator Z35p ultra-wide curved gaming monitor with full throttle control of gaming. Amazing combination of Acer true harmony, Nvidia G-Sync with the lightning speed of refreshing rate. On the list of the best ultra-wide curved monitor reviews, this one is also a gaming screen like the previous one.

The fast refresh rate would keep your stream live and you would not feel any distortion even on heavy graphics games like World of Tanks. Video editing and graphic designing are progressive works you can do on this Acer ultrawide curved monitor.

It is one of the best 4k curved monitors with a widescreen. If you have an expensive gaming pc with a high combination of hardware and graphics cards and your monitor is not up to the mark. You would be always facing problems and issues and won’t be able to enjoy the real fun of the excitement.

The Acer predator ultrawide curved gaming monitor would give a complete gaming setup. Having this monitor would complete your gaming station. The lightning refresh rate with Nvidia G-sync technology on the display without any distortion on this monitor would give you the next level of gaming experience.

Acer’s true harmony would make a superb combination with G-sync to push the refresh rate to remove the distortion. The detailed picture with all bright, clean, and smooth displays in rich and sharp colors are outstanding features.

Unlike some other cheap wide monitors, Acer put the complete effort to make a visible change in the engineering of this ultrawide monitor for gaming. Eye-wrapping immersion on a lower R bend with a rich quality of color reproduction on heavy graphics games.

Continuous streaming of the visual content with every detail and sharp response. Curved monitors are unable to bring such quality and sharpness in the visual content delivery Acer could make. Nvidia g sync is supporting the smooth gaming action on the live stream.

It creates syncing frames rendered by the GPU of your gaming pc rig. You would not find any dead pixels on the screen during the gameplay.

Final Verdict

Passionate gamers would love to set up this gaming curved monitor on their desk. With the perfect combination of Acer true harmony and g sync technologies, you would get a smooth and rich gameplay experience. Predator game view would delight you with the fast refresh rate support and sharp display on an ultrawide curved gaming monitor.


Fast and smooth performer
Crystle clear display
Full throttle control of gaming


VA panel screen

8. Dell U-Series Review

Dell U-Series Review

Screen Size:  38 inches | Resolution: 3840×1600 pixels WQHD+ | Display Type: LCD | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Dimensions: 35.2 x 8.91 x 21.54 inches | Weight: 26.7 pounds | Speakers: 9W speakers with solid bass

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Dell U series LED-lit ultrawide curved monitor would not let you down in any task. Progressive work you want to do or the entertainment hour for having fun, like such features you would get more of it.

The ultrawide curved screen paired with virtually borderless InfinityEdge creates a uniform visual focus that reduces eye movement across the screen.

A consistent flow of visual content with a complete view in all aspects would glow your eyes with the progressive nature of this curved monitor. You can see three windows on this curved screen and a more productive work without any distraction.

The flicker-free screen with a comforting view offers the features of filtering the blue light emission to optimize it. The optimization supports the protection of your eyesight and also takes care of the comfort of your eyes. Incredible detail on the delivery of the picture with consistent color reproduction across the screen.

The aspect ratio of 21:9 would support you in having more visual content with a gorgeous display. You would be delighted with the panoramic viewing display and the quality sound with the built-in speakers.

For a quality sound delivery, you would get 9W speakers integrated with the visual content to have the fun of hearing a quality sound. If you are a producer or a studio editor and need an ultra-wide curved monitor to perform the progressive work with you.

Of course, you would need a performing fellow that could give support on editing heavy video editing projects. This one would not let you down if you are doing video editing projects on it. Photoshop and graphic designing are the advantages you could do on this ultra-wide curved monitor.

Besides video editing projects the gameplay of heavy graphics games could be delivered smoothly without any distraction. There is no distortion due to the super-fast refreshing rate and the sharp aspect ratio would support you in a rich image display.

Final Verdict

Professionals in the field of photography or filming would love to set this on their work desk. The monitor performs very well and could complete all the benchmark tests including heavy files of video projects.

By the setup of this monitor, you would get a space of three windows on a single screen. Now imagine the productive and progressive work on such a massive ultra-wide curved monitor would speed up your work as a rocket.


Bright and clean design
Fast refresh rate
Reproduction of rich colors
Smooth image delivery


No observations

9. BenQ EX3501R Review

BenQ EX3501R Review

Screen Size: 35 inches | Resolution: 3440×1440 pixels HDR AMD FreeSync for gaming | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Dimensions: 17.48 x 8.82 x 32.83 inches | Weight: 21.3 pounds | Display Type: LCD

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BenQ HDR gaming curved monitor with panoramic entertainment supported by bright and contrast set up options. USM connectivity with super-fast data renders capacity and streaming of high definition videos consistently from outbound connected devices.

Including all the other options and features, the AMD free sync for gaming is the superb addition of value to this 35 inches ultra-wide curved monitor with gaming capacities. The intelligence crafted on this monitor would enhance the true vision and would give you a realistic picture.

Not only the picture the brightness is also auto enhanced for the adjustment of your lighting condition. The most amazing feature I would mention first in the review of BenQ ultra-wide curved monitor for gaming. It is connectivity with a single cable for regulating all the features and streaming of visual content.

The incredibly compact and reversible connection on USB type c port for the streaming of data. Outstanding audio and video quality on a single USB cable, are not offered by many on the market. By the installation of this ultra-wide curved monitor, you would get yourself surrounded by extreme entertainment.

The 1800R curvature is an ideally immersive curve ratio while looking at its size. If you compare it with some other best ultra-wide curved monitors in the same size or near to this size, they have the same curvature.

The impressive and incorporating ultra-slim bezels with edge-to-edge panels are great in keeping the screen clean and visible. It is offering super brightness and contrast ranges with HDR to give every single detail.

The super-rich quality of the picture on the games like God of War and Metal Gear Solid is making it visibly great. If you see the bezels around the panel are so slim that the screen could be seen clearly.

The immersive refresh rate with the support of the aspect ratio makes it super cool in the delivery of a clear image. You would get a Hyper-Realistic Video Quality with HDR technology support onboard.

The AMD FreeSync technology is making it able to deliver consistent streaming of visual content data. It also supports the elimination of image tearing and supports protecting your eye-sight.

The advantage does not end here, you will have a comfort of vision for long viewing hours on this ultra-wide curved monitor. It is the best gaming monitor with AMD FreeSync technology on this review list.

Final Verdict

Another immersive experience of gaming and progressive work on the ultra-wide curved monitor. This one would give you multi-functional cable connectivity with a USB-type C port. A single port would support quality audio and video streaming with a reversible and high refresh rate. The gameplay is also a great experience on it. It could complete all the benchmark tests with the gameplay and HD video editing.


Clean craft and performance
Super fast refresh rate
FreeSync technology
Smooth delivery of visual content


LCD Screen

10. LG 34GK950G-B Ultragear Review

LG 34GK950G-B Ultragear Review

Screen Size: 34 inches WQHD curved nano IPS display | Resolution: 3440 x 1440 pixels | Aspect Ratio: 21:9 | Dimensions: 32.3 x 11.3 x 18.2 inches | Weight: 17.4 pounds | Refresh Rate: 100Hz (120Hz OC)

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LG Ultragear WQHD nano IPS curved gaming monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC and sphere lighting in four sides virtually borderless design. LG never keeps itself behind in the race of gaming. With the production of gaming devices separately the companies got their brands more glowing and competitive on the market today.

The world is moving onward and the tech world is evolving. Every new day is bringing a new gadget or device that could perform better than the previous or existed device. LG ultra gear is an incredible addition in the line of the best ultra-wide curved monitors due to its superb quality of performance.

The ultra gear nano IPS display gives you every detail of your visual content streaming. You would not believe me if I say that it was able to beat all the benchmark tests. The features it offers are the promising commitment by the company and all of them are true.

It is a gaming monitor and the gaming monitor needs to be tested with the gaming features. And the same went for it to test it with gaming. High-performance features of gaming with a strong resolution on a 34 inches curved nano IPS display screen. It would give you the experience of taking your gaming to the next level.

The sharp and rich image content streaming would not let you down at any stage of the game even on heavy graphics games. You would get Quad HD support with Nvidia G-sync to have a smooth display on your heavy games. No distortion and distraction at all levels on ultra gear LG curved gaming monitor.

The Nvidia G-Sync technology is supporting the reproduction of million of colors in microseconds. You would be amazed to hear about the fast refreshing rate and the smooth and consistent display. The smoother display would support the protection of your eyesight during the long duration of looking at the screen.

Not only eyesight protection you would also get no tearing at all. Bright and crystal clear image of your strong and heavy graphics game with every small detail on a nano IPS display.

The gaming experience would be delightful and would compel you to set in front of your gaming pc for long hours all the time. I am more impressed with 400nits of brightness and the blue light filtering during the streaming.

Final Verdict

Well, this is not the best budget gaming monitor, you should keep the high-end price in mind when you plan to purchase an ultra gear LG curved gaming monitor for your computer.

The 1440 144Hz monitor would not let you down at any level of your gaming. You would get the best performing and gaming beast for display purposes. The monitor is not limited to games only. You can utilize it for progressive and productive work when you have projects in hand.


WQHD nano IPS Curved display
Nvidia G-Sync gaming monitor
Crystle clear display with every detail


Work better at 100Hz refresh rate


With the detailed reviews in this post now it is quite easy to say what would be the best ultra-wide curved pc monitor that you should buy. Before going to plan for the purchase of any of the products today you should make yourself informed about every detail to know it better.

This guide would help you in getting your dream ultra-wide curved monitor. You should look at the priority of your size when you select an ultra-wide curved monitor. Now you can get a super ultra-wide monitor on the market with great performance and a package of features.

Along with the size, you should look at the pixels and other technologies it is offering. G-Sync and FreeSync technologies are very essential. Without these two technologies on an ultra-widescreen would bring you a distraction. The refresh rate, color reproduction capacity, and removal of dead pixels without any distortion mean a lot when you chose an ultra-wide curved monitor.

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