Gaming fun becomes double when you play your latest HD high-resolution game on the gaming monitor. Finding an extra screen for your gaming is not hard. The market is full of every kind and variety of monitors. Every monitor is coming with the quality to display visual content. But the best gaming monitor would always give you the perfect quality of the display.

Gaming monitors are coming in a variety of sizes and flairs. Some of them are very expensive in price. They are also in different types including portable gaming monitors, USB powered monitors, portable HDMI monitors, and simple portable monitors. Some of them are coming with ultrawide curved screens. Here we are exploring all the information you need to know before purchasing a gaming screen. We will answer the question “what are the things you should look for in a gaming monitor?”.

What To Look For In Best Gaming Monitor

A simple and complete buying guide

What to look for in the best gaming monitor

We would provide you insight information along with all the details you need to know about a monitor. Here is the information you need to know listed below with headings.

Display Resolution

The priority should be display resolution before choosing a screen. They are coming with 1080 pixels on a full HD display screen. Also, you would find a 1440 pixel QHD or 2k display. The third type of display resolution coming in monitors is 2160 pixels UHD display resolution. A high-resolution count leads to higher pixels. That simply means higher resolution would provide a better quality of visual content streaming.

Hardware limits are the main hurdle in QHD and UHD resolutions. The mid-range gaming PCs can maintain a stable performance on QHD resolutions. UHD is a different type of resolution as it is a newly emerged technology. The newly introduced advanced GPUs can handle this level of resolutions. You would experience the push from 30 FPS to 60 FPS and a smooth display with an ultra HD display. You should keep the resolutions according to the GPU installed on your system.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is how many times the monitor could refresh the display image per second. It is simple to understand when you count it in its units. The monitor refresh rate could be counted in hertz (Hz). You should know the count of the hertz before choosing a level. The refresh rates are calculated as 60Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz. Keep in mind that the strong GPU could give you an outstanding refresh rate. Without a strong graphics card, you don’t need to consider a high refresh rate.

Response Time Of The Best Gaming Monitor

The response time is concerned with pixels refresh rate. It is calculated in milliseconds (ms), and it describes the time taken in turning of single-pixel from black to white. The time is also calculated for all the conversions to occur in colors on the screen. In other words, less time for response would give you a smooth video. While the high response time would result in a blurred image. Monitors coming with the TN panel have a high response time as compared to the IPS panel. The TN panel has 1ms of response time while the IPS panel is offering 4ms of response time.

Panel Technology Of The Best Gaming Monitor

The best gaming monitors are mainly coming in two types of panel technologies. One is the IPS panel and the other one is TN panel technology. Monitors coming with IPS panels are faster, clear, gaming-friendly. They offer low response time as compared to TN panels. One thing you should know is the price tag on the IPS panel is higher than the TN panels. The main difference between TN and IPS panels is the response time during a quick camera moves on the screen.

Adaptive Sync

Mainly two types of syncing are coming on the gaming monitors. One is G-Sync and the other one FreeSync. If you want your eyes should be in a comfort zone during playing video games. Adaptive sync technology would give you the liberty of keeping your eyes safe and sound. The newly released monitors are coming with both of the features. AMD FreeSync is not making any difference in the price tag. You should know the AMD is only working in combination with AMD GPUs. On the other hand, NVIDIA G-Sync is compatible with NVIDIA graphics cards. It is also increasing the price of the monitor.

Screen Size

Picking up a size in a gaming monitor is not a big deal. When they are made for gaming they would range from 21 to 49 inches. For having the perfect balance of picture clarity you should choose one size from 21 inches to 27 inches. The size selection is purely at your disposal as you know better what size you require.

Connecting Ports On The Best Gaming Monitor

The best gaming monitor should have connectivity options for connecting it with your gaming PC or console. You should look for display port 1.4. It is the best option for an audio/video connection on a gaming PC. The other option for connectivity is HDMI. Monitors having HDMI port for connection would not support refresh rate in the higher resolution set up. HDMI does not allow these features. They are good for mid-range gaming PCs. Most of the gaming monitors are coming with several USB ports of various types.

Besides these ports, you should look for audio output. The connecting ports are not limited to the ones we mentioned here. You can see other ports of connections on the gaming monitors. We picked up only the important and essential ones for audio/video and power. The audio/video connectivity is not a big issue on gaming monitors. Because most of the graphics cards are coming with multiple display ports and HDMI connectivity options. The compatibility is perfect when you have many options for connectivity. Both of the connectivity options can stream sound. Always plan to purchase a product according to your priorities and needs.

The Final Word

Here you go with all the important detail you need to know before buying any gaming monitor. Keeping the above information in mind would make you smart in choosing the best gaming monitor for your gaming fun.

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